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Shopping Spud

As I’ve mentioned before, Spud has become part of my weekend ritual. I enjoy it so much more than packing two kids in the car and blowing at least twice as much at our local Whole Paycheck. We literally can buy all of our produce, plus milk and eggs for $33 to get free week delivery. The best part is that you can quickly set preferences and weekly/monthly orders.

Yet, I’m surprised at how many people I’ve surprised by how many people I’ve chatted with who haven’t heard of Spud. So I’m compelled share more about them. They also have a new online video giving a demo of how easy it is to order, see below. I would add a few more tips though to help make the most of your order:

  • Create a “Standing Order,” which will allow you to order things like butter monthly, eggs bi-weekly, and milk weekly. It means you never forget the essentials!
  • The bonus of a standing order is that they’ll give you a 5% discount on lots of items.
  • Create personal shopping lists for different needs – I have lists for my pantry, dinners, and everyday foods. It’s super easy to edit and order.
  • Always remember to update your order by 9 AM the day before delivery, or two days for fresh breads and meat orders.
  • Again, always remember the Submit Order button.

If you want to play around a while, there’s more fun too:

  • Check out the kid-friendly meals under the recipes tab.
  • Keep track of your food’s carbon footprint. 
  • Follow Spud by Facebook/Twitter for more fun stuff.

If you want to give Spud a try and get $25 free after your first 4 deliveries, use my promo code: CR5-147718.

Tell me about your Spud experience!

Sustainable Family Finances
The story of a family creating an abundant and sustainable life.

Spare Tire

When we got our first all-wheel drive Subaru, my Dad was quick to give me an important piece of advice, “Buy a fifth tire now, so you won’t have to replace all four if you blow a tire!”  I passed along the words of wisdom to Hubby, and promptly forgot about it. Then when we bought our family Forrester I was quick to remind Hubby of the sage advice of buying a fifth wheel to rotate. Given the expense of purchasing a car, Hubby was reluctant to tack on the expense of an extra tire. 

Since I’ve never commuted to work by car, payments and auto  related   expenses have always been Hubby’s responsibility. Since I wasn’t paying, again I didn’t push the point.

Here’s the inevitable tragedy of the story, on a trip out to Costco my tire blew. Not sure the cause, all I know was that I had a sneaking hunch that I would soon regret not have a real spare tire. $545 later, I truly regret not having headed my Dads advice.

Here’s the kicker, when Hubby replaced the tires, he still refused to buy an extra tire! Now I guess I’m going to have to make a special trip to purchase the extra tire, even though I’m reluctant too…

Do you ever have difficulty spending more money now to save an expense later?
I’d love to hear your story.

Sustainable Family Finances
The story of a family creating an abundant and sustainable life.

100% Organic

I was sadly disturbed to learn how pesticide health impacts on kids are likely underestimated and reportedly linked to ADHD

I know that eating organic food is still considered to be a luxury, but I think the price is worth it. I sure remember feeling the pinch when I first had to put my money where my mouth was. In case you are still in the process of phases out “conventional” foods, use the dirty dozen as a starting point to eliminating pesticides from your family diet. 

We try to eat as close to 100% organic as possible, although with eating out we’re probably closer to 85-90%.  I love spud for organic grocery delivery.  

Do you buy organic? 
How much do you think it impacts your budget?

Sustainable Family Finances
The story of a family creating an abundant and sustainable life.

New Fridge!

Yes, I’m excited about our new fridge! Our estimated electricity with cost us   $43 a year, and our homemade pops won’t melt .

A few weeks ago I wrote about how our fridge was Melting Down, and thankfully we managed to buy a new one before anything catastrophic.

I found a great resource for choosing a green fridge, which helped compare many styles and features with energy efficiency. 

I shopped virtually before heading to the store, then I spoke with two different sales guys (most are paid by commission), and then I compared the deal online again after mostly making up my mind.

We ended up buying a Whirlpool Gold from Lowe’s. We got 10% off because another big box was having a sale, and got the price down to $1179. From my research, this was a really good price for a nice basic modern cooling unit.

Unfortunately, the freezer is a tad smaller and needs to be organized more efficiently, but that’s a different post…

Have you upgraded to an energy efficient refrigerator?

Sustainable Family Finances
The story of a family creating an abundant and sustainable life.

Boring Sack Lunches

I don’t know about you, but I’m in a rut with my standard boring sandwiches. I’m diligent about making a sack lunch, but it gets very  monotonous: basic cheese/lunch meat sandwich, chips, fruit. I often crave something different, but I’m so used to my basic routine that I make the same lunch week after week.

Our kids still eat in childcare, but I do have this nagging fear of unhealthy school lunches and worry about how I’ll manage to make lunches they’ll want to eat every day. I’ve been sending emails to legislators, and am thrilled that the Healthy, Hunger-Free bill passed in the Senate, and now we need to get the House!

I would love tips from readers about sack lunch ideas…hint, hint…

Here’s a quick video on creating a $2 lunch:

Do you make sack lunches?
How do you keep them interesting?

Sustainable Family Finances
The story of a family creating an abundant and sustainable life.