New Fridge!

Yes, I’m excited about our new fridge! Our estimated electricity with cost us   $43 a year, and our homemade pops won’t melt .

A few weeks ago I wrote about how our fridge was Melting Down, and thankfully we managed to buy a new one before anything catastrophic.

I found a great resource for choosing a green fridge, which helped compare many styles and features with energy efficiency. 

I shopped virtually before heading to the store, then I spoke with two different sales guys (most are paid by commission), and then I compared the deal online again after mostly making up my mind.

We ended up buying a Whirlpool Gold from Lowe’s. We got 10% off because another big box was having a sale, and got the price down to $1179. From my research, this was a really good price for a nice basic modern cooling unit.

Unfortunately, the freezer is a tad smaller and needs to be organized more efficiently, but that’s a different post…

Have you upgraded to an energy efficient refrigerator?

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