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Darcy & Miel (L & R) at Olivia Beach

Darcy & Miel (L & R) at Olivia Beach

Commonly referred to as “The Twins,” we are a dynamic duo focused on creating true abundance for our families. We’ve each had our own adventures, but we’ve remained best friends and are now enjoying being blogging and beach cabin partners.

Miel was the one to originally inspire this blog, back when she was writing for DINKs Finance. At the time Darcy was just starting to pay childcare tuition for her oldest two kids and feeling like she would be treading financial water for the foreseeable future. She dreamed of returning Denmark with her family, but thought she’d have to wait until the kids reached grade school. Yet, once she actually took the time to fully update her family budget, she realized that they actually had a ton of money waiting to be reimbursed for childcare/health expenses, and they could start intentionally saving the money for their dream trip. Plus, blogging about it would be a way to be held accountable, and hopefully make a little extra income.

Fast forward almost five years (yes, we started planning the blog five years ago!), and Darcy now has three kiddos, Kieran (8.5), Makenna (5.5), and Teagan (1). Miel is now a new Mama of baby Clark, who is rolling loops at just three months!

Our Money Stories: As the first step in the Lucky Bitch Money Manifestation process, we’ve taken the time to share our maaaannny dual-perspective money stories. While we may be identical twins, we have taken different financial/life paths.

Darcy chose to start her family right out of graduate school at age 28, while Miel focused on her international career until have her first son just shy of 37. Darcy invested in cloth diapers, while Miel invested in the stock market. Miel socked away a bundle for retirement, while Darcy saved the bare minimum.

Now we are blogging together to share our passion for living with sustainable abundance. We want to inspire and support families who are ready to become financially aware and begin to truly manifest money. We also want to live down-to-Earth, as we create a lifestyle that creates a genuine wealth that’s rich in what matters most in life.

We are passionate about living our dreams. On top of blogging and mothering, Darcy is a Mama Bliss Life Coach @Darcy’sUtopia and Miel manages a blog portfolio @DistrictMedia. We are also excited to be Metro Parent contributors, Portland’s monthly family-friendly freebie mag, where we hope to inspire even more families.

Disclaimer #1: We are NOT a financial advisers, and we don’t pretend to be one. You may have more financial expertise than we do. If you need professional financial advice, please hire someone. We are simply sisters on a journey to learn how to manage our family’s finances in a sustainable way. We are savvy researchers, and will do our best to only share reliable sources. Yet, I will repeat, if you need financial advice, hire a professional!

Disclaimer #2: While we try, our family does not in fact live a truly sustainable life.

Disclaimer #3: Our families comes first. Work is a close second. There may be times when a sick child or a deadline will take an obvious priority over writing this blog. While we are passionate, this blog is really just a creative outlet. It’s a tool to help us reach our dreams…which includes inspiring you.

You: Thank you for sharing a moment on this journey. I hope my story will help you create your own uniquely abundant and sustainable life.

Darcy & Miel