Spare Tire

When we got our first all-wheel drive Subaru, my Dad was quick to give me an important piece of advice, “Buy a fifth tire now, so you won’t have to replace all four if you blow a tire!”  I passed along the words of wisdom to Hubby, and promptly forgot about it. Then when we bought our family Forrester I was quick to remind Hubby of the sage advice of buying a fifth wheel to rotate. Given the expense of purchasing a car, Hubby was reluctant to tack on the expense of an extra tire. 

Since I’ve never commuted to work by car, payments and auto  related   expenses have always been Hubby’s responsibility. Since I wasn’t paying, again I didn’t push the point.

Here’s the inevitable tragedy of the story, on a trip out to Costco my tire blew. Not sure the cause, all I know was that I had a sneaking hunch that I would soon regret not have a real spare tire. $545 later, I truly regret not having headed my Dads advice.

Here’s the kicker, when Hubby replaced the tires, he still refused to buy an extra tire! Now I guess I’m going to have to make a special trip to purchase the extra tire, even though I’m reluctant too…

Do you ever have difficulty spending more money now to save an expense later?
I’d love to hear your story.

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