Boring Sack Lunches

I don’t know about you, but I’m in a rut with my standard boring sandwiches. I’m diligent about making a sack lunch, but it gets very  monotonous: basic cheese/lunch meat sandwich, chips, fruit. I often crave something different, but I’m so used to my basic routine that I make the same lunch week after week.

Our kids still eat in childcare, but I do have this nagging fear of unhealthy school lunches and worry about how I’ll manage to make lunches they’ll want to eat every day. I’ve been sending emails to legislators, and am thrilled that the Healthy, Hunger-Free bill passed in the Senate, and now we need to get the House!

I would love tips from readers about sack lunch ideas…hint, hint…

Here’s a quick video on creating a $2 lunch:

Do you make sack lunches?
How do you keep them interesting?

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2 thoughts on “Boring Sack Lunches

  1. Ms. Miel

    Hi Sis – I know I’ve mentioned it before, but my favorite fabulous lunch is to make awesome salads.

    I just bring a big bag of spinach for the week, and then I bring goodies to jazz it up.

    My favorite combos are: cheese, lunch meat, grapes, and slivered almonds; or

    strawberries, spicy/candied pecans; craisins, or other combos that include blackberries, mangoes, walnuts.

    The options are endless.

    Plus, everyone in the office will be jealous!



  2. Anonymous

    Hey – I am a compulsive, life-long brown bagger. I pack a morning snack, usually yogurt and fruit; sometimes cottage cheese. I switched to bulk yogurt and transfer 1/2 c to a tupperware so i cut down on my waste – no individual yogurt serving containers. Fruit is in season. My PM snack is a piece of fruit too. Lunch is where things get fun!

    *leftovers!! this could be soup, pasta, cold pizza, cold salmon on greens, curry brocolli…
    *salads. i found if I add almonds and roasted beets to my salads, the flavors are spectacular and I don’t miss dressing (trying to lose a little weight) Salads always have a little of almost all veggies in the fridge in them.
    * gazpacho, if it is the right season. We’re just about there.
    * a baked sweet potato – loaded with potassium
    * mediterranean black bean salad. this is a recent discovery and great – bulgar, black beans, sun dried tomatoes. I’ll send you the recipe.
    * tabbouli & pita. Uses the parsley from the yard.
    * left over roasted veggies. another way to use the yard bounty.

    My general guidelines are: lots of veggies, some protein, some fat, lower bread (because it makes me too sleepy, not b/c of any Atkins nonsense), seasonal if possible. I always use reusable containers.



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