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Next week marks our one year anniversary from adopting our Doggy, a five year old black lab. Like our Big Guy reminded me tonight, we have more than four “people” in our family now! 

As much as our Doggy has become a family member, we still haven’t figured out the best way to contain his double-daily-duties. Hubby is the scooper, but we needed a poop composter.

First I found one online, and was pretty much sold:   The  Doggy Dooley dog poop composter  is a small bin that you bury into the ground. You pop open the lid to put poop inside, which decomposes underground. There‚Äôs an enzyme product that you sprinkle into the bin to help with decomposition. It costs about $59.

Then I found the close to freebie option: directions for making your own doggy composter!

Next I found a quick video:

Hubby dug the hole over the weekend, and with any luck we’ll have a successful and more sustainable system for doggy waste.

Do you have a doggy composter?

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One thought on “Poop Composter

  1. Ms. Miel

    Sis – Your poop composter reminds me of a version of a latrine that is used in parts of Africa. It is call an “Arborloo”, and basically is a shallow pit, that once filled up, you plant a tree and move on. Your yard may not have space for many more bit trees, but keep in mind that this compost is great for some new life to your garden.

    Good luck!



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