Kiva Magic: Exponential Power of Microlending

As friends and longtime readers know, I have been actively microlending through Kiva since getting my family inheritance, and deciding to experiment by “investing” $1000 in ten $100 loans to business owners and economic cooperatives around the world.

I reflected before about it when I made my 50th loan, and now I just made my 105th Kiva loan, and my original $1000 has been now been relent to reach $10,050.

What’s more is that because I’ve been sharing my microlending story, I’ve inspired 81 people to lend their own money. I truly hope to inspire YOU today, as Kiva is offering matching $1 Million in loans, just today (September 12, 2018). So, if you choose to start your own lending portfolio, you can make a $50 loan into $100, or a $100 in $200…over if you did the same $1000 investment that I began with lending, you’d double your impact on day one, and truly experience exponential growth

Lastly, working with my kids to research the loan terms, we’ve tried to spread the wealth (which in this case feels like spreading the love). We’ve loaned to business people in 52 countries. I’ve prioritized mostly women-led loans and try to average the repayment length at about year, so I can relend regularly. They/we are still learning from the process, and it does make us feel more connected in the world.

Part of the reason why I decided to “invest” my money in this way is that I felt not just calling to philanthropy, but to fundamentally change the global economy. $10k may still be a drop in the ocean, but it’s one that helps me feel like I am making a difference and putting my money where my heart is.


Darcy Rose 

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