Gearing up for Travel

Travel light. 
Live light. 
Spread the light. 
Be the light.

This is the mantra I’m trying to keep in mind while packing for our family trip to Denmark (quote was taped to a light switch at my Grandmother’s!). While I obviously don’t want to forget anything essential, I also don’t want to schlep our crap half way across the globe due to a fear of scarcity.  

So we’ll be taking one large roller bag, one small roller, kids’ backpacks, Hubby’s small backpack, a beach bag (overnight carry-on initially), and purse for me…oh, and a car seat and a booster seat…still debating about a stroller/carrier.

In order to pack efficiently, I splurged on Eagle Creek pack-it systems for each family member.  My globe-trekking Twin Sis has sworn by them for years now, and I was glad to see they have some nice ones for dress clothes…no need to bring the shoulder-busting dress bag. I managed to buy them all on a 25% off sale at REI.

I also just bought Girly a sweet little owl backpack that she was ready for regardless of the trip (keeps stealing her brother’s bag!) I had a handmade backpack very similar as a little girl, hand embroidered by my hippie mama with buckskin straps…sadly I’m not as crafty, but I do seem to find what I want online…

One of the bulkiest items we’ll be packing is diapers and wipes. Unfortunately, Girly hasn’t quite gone cold-turkey from diapers yet and they are expensive enough in Europe to make it worth our while to pack as many as possible.

Snacks will be another must for our kiddos. While I definitely plan on indoctrinating them in  delicious Danish food, I also know all too well the rate at which they mow through snacks. I’m planning to bring lots of fruit leathers and enough snacks to get us across the globe and well-settled before we venture into foreign snack territory…figuring that good old-fashioned fruit will be the perennial snack.

While I’m approaching the whole packing thing with simplicity, I’m also going to be pretty systematic. So, I’ll share my final pack list once we return from Europe for any of you who want to copycat for your next family trip.

What gear does your family travel with?

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5 thoughts on “Gearing up for Travel

  1. Aga

    Hi Darcy,
    This is Agnieszka Yeager. I would be interested to know what entertainment you are planning to pack for the children for the flight. For our trip, I have been thinking about books (new and old), sticker books, very small notebook and crayons, Natalia’s favorite doll.

  2. Sustainable Family Finances

    Hi Aga!

    My list is pretty close to yours, just the basics. I did buy kid sized ear phones so they can listen to music and they’ll act as earplugs too. I also splurged and got the family ipod shuffles (Makenna and I will share). They were $46 and it will give an instant way to mellow out and tune out when desired (plus I had the only i-pod and it’s a 1MB on it’s last leg). I don’t believe in needed to plug kids into screens to travel, but I’m all for music. My mom also got the kids cute travel/neck pillows and we’ll be bringing cozy blankies! I’ll let you know if I think of anything else…


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