Compost Makes a Garden!

When it comes to organic gardening, I cheat! 

…By  buying organic compost by the unit (that’s 7 1/2 cubic yards). 

In Portland, one unit of organic compost delivered will run you $160. The first time we had organic mulch delivered to our old house Hubby balked at the price and wondered whether we really needed so much mulch, but once the job was done he agreed that it made everything look and grow a whole lot better. The truth is that every yard could use a whole lot more than it usually gets. If you pile it on thick enough and plant smartly, you may get away with adding more compost every few years in the flower beds.  Plus,   mulching conserves water  by insulating the soil against the sun’s rays and retaining moisture.

I highly recommend Grimm’s…which came recommended to me. 

It’s the most cost effective way of making your yard instantly lush and beautiful …well, maybe not instantly. We had our compact car-sized compost delivery three weekends ago, and we still have a third left to spread…partly because we have to haul the compost bucket by bucket up the steps, since wheel barrows won’t go up our front yard steps. Personally, I find spreading mass amounts of compost to be one of the most gratifying jobs. 

The kiddos have also (mostly) really enjoyed helping fill the buckets with mulch or raking it into the beds…I had to laugh when Girly was stopped for a snack break of homemade organic granola bars and I noticed her hands were still covered in dark earthy mulch…call me a bad mom, but she sure looked satisfied! Plus, t he dump truck sure impressed!  

Soon I’ll share about our home composting woes, but for today, I’m very satisfied with the purchased kind.

Do you have organic compost delivered by the truck load?

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2 thoughts on “Compost Makes a Garden!

  1. Andrew @ 101 Centavos

    Organic compost by the truckload – nice bennie to have. We don’t have this in our area, although we can go to the city’s greenwaste site, and scout around for piles of mulch that have sat around enough to get composted. And it’s “free”.


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