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It’s been another busy family month for us, but I’ve been trying to stay on top of our finances.  I’m three quarters through a really well written and engaging book:  The Energy of Money: A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment .

The author is a psychologist who was duped into a pyramid scam, and randomly contacted by the press to find out “why would someone invest in such a get-rich-quick scam?!” She outed herself publicly as one of the scam victims, saying “It was greed.” Suddenly everyone was coming to her with money related issues/baggage. She soon realized that the taboo subject of money pervades everyones’ lives, and people need help getting to the root of their own personal hang-ups. So, she started a course called You and Money, fast forward 15 years and thousands of participants, and that’s her hands on research for writing the book.

Nemeth goes in depth into 12 principles, and I’m on the part about identifying where you are leaking money. While I’ve been much better in the past year, I know I still have room for improvement. She’s also given me a new perspective on listening to my own internal justifications or rationalizations for spending money. So I’m looking forward to the insights I might gain from doing two of her challenges:

  1. Physically write down every thing you spend money on and note the method (cash/debit/card/check)
  2. Balance our “check book” to the penny (even though I’m keeping better tabs now, I still can’t claimed that our family finances are balanced to the penny!)

The Energy of Money is far more practical than new-agey.  But the book is right up my alley, because I would admittedly much rather a spiritual/self help than a personal finance book! (See Geography of Bliss and Infinite Possibilities) I’ll give you a full review when I’m done reading.

Have you read the book or taken the You and Money course?
I’d love to hear your experience!

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2 thoughts on “Energy of Money Homework

  1. Ms. Miel

    It is interesting what shows up when you allow yourself to be deliberate and conscious in your life. Amazing stuff happens. Keep up the great work.


    P.S. I hope I know where that book is being passed on…


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