Introducing Adaptu

Hubby tipped me off about Adaptu, a new online finance management tool. They will have stiff competition with Mint and everything else online, but I’m certainly willing to give it a try.

My initial impression is that they may be on to something. I know that I start this blog in part because I wanted to connect with others online…certainly not because I’m financial authority, but because I wanted to connect with others with similar goals and values. 

Plus, being public about my finances has kept me accountable (even when I had very few readers in the beginning!) 

My only reluctance about using a program like Adaptu is the time-suck it can create, but just like writing this blog, I need to look at the big picture. If it help us reach our goals, it’s worth my time.

Here’s Adaptu’s intro video:

You may have a quirky impression from watching Portlandia, but Adaptu is Portland based!

Will you try out Adaptu?

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One thought on “Introducing Adaptu

  1. Jenna

    Hey Darcy! I’m so happy I found your blog and your review of Adaptu! To answer your time suck question, while it does take a couple minutes to set up a profile, get familiar and add accounts, I believe the time is definitely well spent. Glad you like the quirky stuff on the site. Promise we won’t put a bird on it. Let me know if you have any additional questions or comments.
    Jenna – Community Manager at Adaptu


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