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I’ve always been a bit of a hermit when it comes to practicing yoga. I took two college Hatha Yoga courses to begin to understand the philosophy and approach to whole body health. Yet, my goal was always to practice in the privacy and comfort of my own home.

My strategy was two fold. I was a poor college student, and wanted to get the most personal benefit from all my student loans. I also felt like I would stand a better chance of creating a life-long practice if I didn’t have to leave my home and rely on teachers for instruction. Somehow I also channeled my future busy-mom lifestyle, and knew that yoga would become wellness touchstone.

I haven’t gone entirely on my own though, since I mostly practice with audio/video instructors. My all time favorite CD is Shiva Rea’s Yoga Sanctuary. In just a 30-40 minute routine, and I feel toned and fit. I’ve also picked up a few GAIAM DVDs to switch things up from time to time, and I have great yoga deck that I picked up at a neighborhood yard sale.  I used  another   prenatal deck   that has some very affirming meditations, and Shiva Rea’s   prenatal DVD  during my pregnancies .  I’ve probably spent about $100 over the past decade.

I think my strategy has paid off, because I was astounded by a quick calculation:  I’ve saved about $12,000 in the past ten years! ($5 per class 4 times a week)  I’ve also saved on yoga attire, and can hardly believe the price of yoga attire. I’m kind of in disbelief that yoga outfits now cost over $100…I’m still using my college pajamas!

Despite the substantial savings, I certainly think that classes would be fun and may some day  prefer to practice socially in a group. There’s a new Lotus Seed yoga center in my neighborhood that I would like to check out, but for now doing yoga at 5:30 while Hubby walks the dog works best for me.

Do you practice yoga?
Do you prefer classes?

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One thought on “Yoga @ Home

  1. Ms. Miel

    Sis – Yes, I started as a hermit as well. Having taken two classes for college credit, and then not having been in a yoga studio until the last couple of years. I, like you, practiced with the aid of DVDs and videos.

    While I still use them on the road, with my nearly constant travel, I love my gym routine that includes yoga once or twice a week. The teachers are inspiring and challenging and it has taken me to new levels.

    Both are great, but I certainly agree that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to keep up. I still have my first real yoga pants from about eight years ago.




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