Darcy’s Utopia

When I started dreaming about writing this blog about a year ago, I was both inspired and terrified. The idea of putting my experiences and family values up for public scrutiny was pretty intimidating (not to mention the time commitment!)

So, I made the decision to post under the alias “Green Mama” as both a way to show solidarity will fellow aspiring eco-mothers, and to avoid the potential sting of personal criticism. Thankfully, I’ve heard only a wealth of positive feedback and am now at ease as a “blogger.” But the one request I have gotten is to share my identity, and at this point it feels more comfortable and genuine to share all of myself with you.

My name is Darcy. I know that most of my so-called “readers” are friends and family, so this may not be a big surprise to you. But regardless of whether we actually know each already, I hope my openness will bring us one step closer and create a connection to support us both in our journey to sustainable abundance.

As a young adult I read the British novel, Darcy’s Utopia, and fell in love with the heroine’s unapologetic philosophy on life. I didn’t necessarily agree with all of her values, but I did relate to the idea that we each have the power to envision and create our own utopia. Here’s to us each creating our own utopia…

One last note, my original “About Us” post still stands true. Although my partner and Twin Sis has been stationed in Africa since May, so we haven’t had a chance to really expand the business side of this blog. If you have any tips, we’d appreciate your advice. First we need more regular readers…

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2 thoughts on “Darcy’s Utopia

  1. Ms. Miel

    Sis – Yeah! You are out. Thanks for your courage and compassion. I think I may be your favorite reader, but I feel it makes us closer from afar. Keep up the great work sis. I can’t wait to work on our goals and reach more people with your stories.

    Miss you,



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