Keeps Getting Better

“It is not from ourselves that we learn to be better than we are.”
– Wendall Berry

I really enjoyed writing my midweek inspiration last week, and am inspired to do a weekly reflection on a quote. Quotes will be graciously gathered from my friend, the Wise Word Bandit. Without knowing it, we both started our blogs within a few weeks of each other, so we’ve been cheering each other on in our quests to become successful bloggers. I’ve certainly enjoyed getting daily quotes from her, and hopefully my reflections on them will help you in your our own personal growth process…

Before Hubby and I were married the best compliment he ever gave me was telling a friend that “I make him want to be a better person.” This pretty much sealed the deal for me, and continues to make me want to be a better wife, mother…..

I look to lots of people to become a better person, and I hope you’ve enjoyed some of my “inspiration” posts.

Who helps you be “better”?

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One thought on “Keeps Getting Better

  1. Ms. Miel

    Ah, you definitely make me want to be a better person.

    I definitely agree that it keeps getting better. You never know what will come next, but each step is a learning opportunity.

    Thanks for your reflections.




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