Portlandia Bubble

We live in the “green bubble” of Portland on purpose. 

Hubby grew up outside of Philly, and after discovering his environmental/city planning passion, he moved to Portland without knowing a sole…over 12 years ago before that was popular! I happened to grow up in rural Southern Oregon, but as far as cultural geography goes, it’s a different world. We intentionally chose to settle down in Portland, largely because we see it’s potential for creating a sustainable urban society…or at least having fun while trying.

So that’s why I can’t help but share Portlandia, a new IFC comedy TV series that makes fun of all thing “Portland.” I’ve only checked out a few short promos, and it’s hilarious! I don’t know if all the inside jokes will translates to viewers outside the proverbial bubble, but I think the entertainment value is pretty universal.

I know that sometimes I can take myself too seriously, and the show provided me with some good belly laughs. I hope you’ll get a laugh too:

What do you think of the Portlandia bubble?

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