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This week I learned that our “eco-bank” is now One PacificCoast Bank. The acquisition and merger of  ShoreBank Pacific with a community bank OneCalifornia Bank  wasn’t altogether surprising, since the original Chicago-based ShoreBank closed last summer. But it stills makes me feel a lack of control over our own money, and I certainly hope that the sum will be greater than the parts. I also hope they’ll be able to dominate community lending and invest more people’s money in solving community and environmental issues. 

From the media release: “Together we can bring the value of sustainability to a broader audience and  provide greater opportunities for employees, as well as the communities that  OneCalifornia Bank and ShoreBank Pacific serve,” said David Williams, CEO of  ShoreBank Pacific.

Last spring we made what for us was a pretty big decision to merge our funds  to ShoreBank Pacific. We’ve been very happy with our choice, and banking solely online has been really convenient…though it’s kind of funny that their branch doesn’t even have an ATM!  

At a recent new year’s party (celebrated like true families at E.S.T.), I got into a conversation about the benefits or reasons for switching from a corporate bank to a community bank or credit union. One couple was considering switching banks, but wondered what was in it for them. I told them a bit about our story, and another friend chimed in about why they choose credit unions. I was honest in saying that switching banks is a total pain the neck, but that I feel better know that our money is being invested in projects I would support, sectors like alternative energy, specialty agriculture, specialty fish, and green building . It’s really a feel good choice, but there’s no real financial benefit of sticking with a corporate bank. Now I can see the fruits of my labor in local projects, and remember that we are all connected.

Are you a customer of a community bank or credit union?

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2 thoughts on “One PacificCoast Bank

  1. Ingrid Martin


    I live in Oakland, CA and am considering One PacificCoast Bank. How has your experience been with them?

    I own a small biz requiring QuickBooks connect so finding a credit union or local community bank with this support has been challenging. OPC Bank appears to be my only choice.

  2. Sustainable Family Finances

    We’ve had a great experience so far. I really like the fact that they fund local and sustainable project. Well, since they merged, they actually support along the whole west coast, but they still have a good barometer for entrepreneurial projects with social benefits. I think your switch will prove worth while.


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