Month of Hundreds

The “Month of Hundreds” is now over, a social experiment of sorts that a Portland woman, Jill Ginsberg, chose as a way of honoring her recently belated mother. She spent every day for the past month giving a hundred dollar bill to a stranger, and then sharing her/their story in her blog. Like many, I first found out about her quest in an Oregonian article.

Jill’s mother was a holocaust survivor, and after loosing her affluent lifestyle at a young age, lived the rest of her life “Believing financial ruin was just around the corner.” Even once she should have had no founded fear of providing for her family, she “lived forever with a deeply held conviction that life was defined by scarcity and want.” Jill seems to appreciate most of the values her mother passed along, but she is honest in questioning whether her mother’s adversity toward charity really helped her live her life to the fullest.

I would highly encourage you to read Jill’s blog, it’s partly a story about shifting your view of money and giving, but more so a story about how important it is to connect with others, and how we can all make an impact in the lives of others – C note or not. And, fair warning, it may make you cry.

Could you give a hundred dollars to a stranger?

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