Giving Thanks!

I love having a tradition that focuses on giving thanks and being together with family. I love cooking more dishes than can practically fit on your plate. I love indulging in simple healthy foods saturated in butter. I love having a long relaxing weekend to look forward to once all the dishes are done…by Hubby of course 😉

A few years ago I decided that I really wanted to get some holiday books, since it’s hard to get them on hold from the library and it’s nice to have some family favorites as a tradition. 

Thanksgiving Is…  shares all the different harvest traditions, from the Greek and Romans to the Pilgrims and Indians. I read it to our Big Guy’s preschool class and they really enjoyed it (although slightly other kids would too.) 

Grateful: A Song of Giving Thanks  has great illustrations, although the melody isn’t very catchy and kind of drones a little.

Some time over the summer we also picked a used copy of Big Guy’s first favorite series of chapter books with Jack and Annie:  Magic Tree House #27: Thanksgiving on Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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