Buy Nothing Day

With all the hype of Black Friday, we’ll be honoring Buy Nothing Day this Friday. 

Yes, we’ll miss some ridiculous sales, but I guarantee you we’ll save money…kind of like the age old financial savvy of spending less than you earn. 😉

Here’s a 30 second ad by Adbuster to remind of us how glutinous we are and why Mama Earth needs us to limit our consumer craze. But you won’t see this ad on any of the major networks between shop-til-you-drop commercials, because it’s been rejected by ABC, MTV, etc! I can understand wanting to monitor content to a degree, but this is plain and simple censorship.

Have you ever honored Buy Nothing Day?
What will do instead of shop with your family?

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One thought on “Buy Nothing Day

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you. Black Friday is ridiculous with the hype, the ‘deals’, etc. We try to observe it annually (with the exception of groceries, friday night dinner out). In lieu of more consumer goods, my spouse and I typically make a Christmas gift for each other – this year, hubby is making me a wooden box and I’m knitting him a hat. we’ve also decided to focus our gift giving on trips instead. I like these habits a lot more than ‘buy buy buy’

    also, have you heard about the counterpoint to black friday of ‘buy local saturday’? there is a FB page for it.



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