Women Saving the World

A friend and co-worker sent me an article about how the Daili Lama thinks that  Western Women Are Going to Save the World. It’s a brilliant article about how much women control family finances and how our choices are changing the world. She really spells out the statistics about how much women, and I would argue mothers, decide what to buy and not buy.

Part of why I started my blog was to share and connect with other women around the world, because we can’t save the world all by our lonesome, or at least it wouldn’t be as much fun ;-).   I sure how to read some Dads in the process, but the truth is that women make the majority of household purchases.

I also like the article’s “Moment of Truth” section at the end, where it asks us each to make small choices like boycotting bottled water to help reduce oil pollution and global warming.

Do you think western women will save the world?
What steps will you take first?

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    Hi Darcy,
    I love your blog & am interested in putting you on my blogroll. I found you through your comment on Jason’s Minimalist blog. You can contact me by commenting on any article on my site. I am looking for a blogger that talks about financial issues. I touch upon these subjects, but am ideally working to build a “community of people” who are in niches that affect the average person (finance, food, sutainability, etc). My site is dedicated to “elegant simple living for the modern age”.
    Let me know if you’re interested. Do you have a facebook page? If you search facebook for “Consensus” you’ll find my new page there.
    Thanks & blessings to you!Great blog!


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