Shaker Dreams

Creating your own personal abundance is all about living within your means, defining your priorities, and still remembering to dream.

I’ve shared about our “personal story of stuff” before, but was just reminded of this story:

When Hubby and I moved in together 10 years ago we had a futon and a card table with folding chairs for furniture. I owned more house plants than pieces of furniture. Our apartment was literally a converted 3-bay garage in Ladd’s Addition, so we didn’t have much room anyway.

Around the same time we first came across the Joinery, which makes gorgeously simple handcrafted furniture made from certified wood. So  we promised each other that we wouldn’t buy cheap/unsustainable furniture. We deepened our pact to not buy a headboard until we could afford one from the Joinery. So to this day, we still have no headboard, and one remains on our home wish list.

I have no doubt that when there will be a time when we will enjoy it’s artful functionality.  The  Shaker bed happens to be my personal favorite!  BTW  both the kids do, somehow they   do   take priority!

What are you dreaming of?
How are you going to make that dream a reality?

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