Story of Cosmetics

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is another mind-opening video from the Story of Stuff which focuses on cosmetics. I have to admit that I’ve had the best of intentions to rummage through my bathroom cabinet to clear out any potentially toxic ingredients. 

This video makes me feel like I’ve got quite the task ahead. I’m glad that I don’t actually wear make-up on a daily basis, with the exception of my favorite lipstick from Aveda. There are obviously plenty of other culprits, and I’m going to start with our kiddos’ shampoo and lotions. More on that later…

What is the cost of your cosmetics?

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One thought on “Story of Cosmetics

  1. Ms. Miel

    Sis – Thanks for sharing. I know cosmetics are one of those difficult areas that we definitely need to control. I agree that it is better to establish regs on this and then change the market than to change consumers though.




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