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One of my goals when starting this blog venture was to simplify our finances. I feel like I’ve come a long way in the past six months, and have certain reached some important goals. I certainly have more work ahead, but “inch by inch, life is a cinch.”

So this past weekend when I was going through yet another stack of paperwork that I piled up, I was thrilled to see the my favorite eco-bank now offers e-Statements in lieu of traditional paper copies

These are the reasons ShoreBank Pacific gives to sign up for e-Statements:

  • They’re convenient & secure
  • Saves paper & trees
  • Delivered directly to your inbox
  • Reduces paper clutter
  • They free & enrolling is easy

When we first merged our accounts there Hubby commented “aren’t they an eco-bank?!”  I already check our balance online about once a week, so who really needs a paper copy to recycle?

My employer finally got with the new green century and recently started offering online bill stubs, so now I’ll have a few less paper to stack up!

While we don’t pay for the postage directly, the savings does add up. I know that for the last paper bill I needed to mail I used a stamp leftover from my holiday cards, and it’s July.

Does your bank offer e-Statements?

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  1. Sustainable Family Finances

    Sis – You know I couldn’t live without it. Don’t know how people managed to work overseas otherwise. I have everything in my life set up virtually, so I can manage from anywhere (so long as embargoes don’t stop me!)

    Love ya,



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