Solo Vacations

We chose to take solo vacations this summer for a few reasons. First off Hubby had a few weeks more vacation, since I sucked up mine through maternity leave. Secondly, backpacking is something we simply can’t do together with young kids, although we are planning on a short backpacking trip together.

Hubby is gone backpacking this week in the Wallowa Mountains, mentoring through Big City Mountaineers . He is no doubt high on fresh mountain air and freedom from fatherly responsibilities.

Although I was admittedly enjoying myself at the Oregon Country Fair, I’m definitely missing him now that I’m home. I’ve been mentally counting down his return, and attempting to keep some chaordic balance. 

I naively thought that I would be super-Mama, and have the house tidy and all the to-dos tackled when he returns. B ut I got quite the surprise when our Big Guy was sent home with dreaded lice, which has been running rampant. Needless to say, I’ve washed a mountain of laundry and am ever grateful for our extra capacity energy efficient LG washer/dryer.

It’s been a lesson in patience and humbleness, and I sure hope Hubby is having more fun than me this week!  Sometimes absence does make you appreciate the abundance you take for granted.  

Do you ever take separate vacations?
How do you make them equitable and manageable?

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