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This past weekend I was excited to pick up a flat of blueberries from long-time family friends who started an organic blueberry venture in retirement, Mohawk River Blueberries. Our Big Guy was equally thrilled about helping pass out free samples while I shopped at Food Front Co-op.

I remember when co-ops where the only place you could find a limited selection of local organic produce. You know the world is changing when virtually every grocer is on the bandwagon, and some have even tried a faux farmer’s market.

Prices have gone down significantly, and cost is more linked to seasonal production. Eating in season is much cheaper, and nudges us toward food decisions with a lighter footprint.

Local Harvest will help you quickly find local farmer’s markets, co-ops, and restaurants that offer the most local food available in your region (in the U.S. that is.)

I recently heard about project that helps link wholesale food growers with regional food buyers. Food Hub connects restaurants with farmers and ranchers.

Do you pay attention to whether your food is local?
Is your local food affordable?

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