Piles up quick

After two weekends away from the house, my focus this week is on simply refocusing. I don’t know about your house, but even though we are constantly tidying up, the piles still mound. 

I have to take some of the blame, because I’m a natural “piler,” while Hubby wants to have a clear deck. It’s part of our chaordic harmony. Just because I’ve come to terms with my stacking ways, doesn’t mean that I let them run my life.

So I’ve taken a little time each evening to work on updating my new family budget , which has already helped to reduce the piles…I still haven’t gotten away from those darn receipts yet! I do have to say that even as a self-proclaimed stacker, there is still a certain satisfaction in recycling an overdue stack.  

But I decided that I needed a bit some fresh ideas. Here is the best articles I found from the Creative Mama about creating small clip boards to stay organized. I’m going to give it a try, because even though I’ve used folders for years they can feel too out of site.

How do you maintain your piles?

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