Blessings Count

At the end of a long work day, it’s far too easy to fret about something that’s really inconsequential. So, I try my best each day to count our blessings: small and large, practical and silly, past and present.

I appreciate that we can afford our mortgage, even if our house certainly lost value when the real estate bubble burst. A 60 minutes interview discussed the unprecedented trend of Americans walking away from mortgages.

I am thankful still being a dual income family in a time when I personally know people who are being laid off.

I am grateful for our family’s health, and the fact that potential lactose intolerance is our biggest health challenge to date.

One significant blessing is that my family can experience magnificent forests and recognize the simple beauty of diverse ferns.

I’m eternally grateful for the curiosity and imagination of our children, even when it waylays my efforts to get them bathed and tucked into bed.   

What blessings do you count?

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