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Documents may not be so inspiring, but they are oh so practical. In the new year I’ve become a huge fan of Google Docs. I feel like I’ve turned a new leaf in terms of my financial organization, and Google Docs become favorite tool. Being able to share a common document to share is pure genius, even if you just want to share it with yourself on multiple computers. Hubby and I finally have some key documents handy. It’s also been very helpful for sharing info with my Sis regarding the blog admin.

One of my first tasks in getting a handle on our finances was to create a document that lists every account we hold, including account number, password/login, and web page.  I have to admit that up until recently I would repeatedly forget my login/password, and feel feeble and foolish every time. During my first maternity leave I would have placed a bet that my accounts had been flagged “lady who can’t seem to remember anything!” I feel so much relief knowing that I have the info at my finger tips and don’t have to waste my time with the hassle of resetting passwords. Plus, I shared it with Hubby via Google Docs, so now we both have all the info to deal with our finances (I’m sure glad that I didn’t get hit by a bus before drafting that doc! 😉

I created a handy document for “Home Carbon Stats” that includes all the standard info asked on carbon footprint surveys. It makes it much easier to fill them out and to make sure that my results are consistent. It will also help for longer term tracking.

I’ve also uploaded our 2010 Family Goals, which include our finances, recreation, community volunteering and home improvement goals.

I also got a tip from a co-worker Mama recently who has created lists for each of the grocery stores she visits for specific items, like Costco  and Trader Joe’s.

I have two more documents that I’ll share more about later this week, one called “Wish List” and one called “Neighborhood Places.”

Do you use Google Docs? Let me know if you have tips of your own.

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2 thoughts on “Google Docs Sharing

  1. Ms. Miel

    Sis – I love your comment on the not remembering anything. I so know how you feel. I love having our master list of everything, that we have password protected. Genius.

    The other great tool that I love, a little less specific to finances, but key to organization and remembering stuff, is Clip It. You can save certain things from websites. I use this for recipes and wish list items for things that I find that I like. You can also share them with friends. Perhaps you want to see my recipes!



  2. courtney

    I have started using google docs for exactly the same (passwords/acconts), but also daily spending, my son’e birthday party costs and events, holiday spending and gifts, travel packing lists. Has really helped. Have started using my iphone for a lot of the grocery lists, life plan etc type stuff. I can email to self to save and/or to print out.


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