Responsibility Revolution

Take three minutes from your Monday to check out this interview with the visionary Seventh Generation co-founder. He is really the type of leader business needs to make the shift toward sustainability and corporate responsibility. It’s refreshing see some of the corporate partnerships taking place lately. Nike has been trying to find sustainable solutions for fifteen years now, and now has a program sharing its sustainability “trade secrets” to other companies who want to further their sustainable practices. It’s also important from the consumer perspective, I love when he says “they’ve made it easy to make good sustainable decisions.” 

This is one of the core reasons I started this blog, because I believe every family wants to live well without harming the Earth. It’s a matter of finding the resources and having the social support to reach your goals. 

Do you think companies can be truly responsible? 
Which green companies are your favorite?

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The story of a family creating an abundant and sustainable life.

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