Money Honey #2

I’m barely to Connecticut Avenue, and my goal of monthly money meetings with Hubby is already proving a challenge. I doubt you noticed, but we missed our “scheduled” February meeting. It’s not that we didn’t try, but you know how life gets in the way, and the springlike winter weather hasn’t helped (but our yard is looking darn good!).

The good news is that since starting this blog, we have been chatting more regularly about finances. Nothing formal, but at least we’re keeping tabs on our priorities and communicating more than usual.

We also had a bit of a breakthrough. This past Flex Friday we went to sign our loan documents for the Clean Energy Works program. The program is financed through Shore Bank Pacific, a unique local and “sustainable” bank. (I’ll share more about them tomorrow) Long discussion made short, we agreed that this is the right bank for us. Despite the fact that it’s going to take us even more effort to merge our money , it feels right to switch to a bank with environmental and social values. Believe me, switching all our accounts  is not really something I want to spend my “free” time doing, but feel like it will be worth the time investment both personally and societally.

Otherwise, we’re still getting the kinks worked out with our new budget template and I’m hoping to unveil it once my sis gets back from the Congo. Thanks for your patience!

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One thought on “Money Honey #2

  1. amanda

    It’s great to see you at Parents for a Peaceful Planet! I sent you a message on that site, and wanted to make sure you got it.

    It seems like what I am developing there is supported by what you blog about here, and vice versa.

    As you try out the site and gain more connections I am wondering if you would be willing to add a link from your blog?

    Also, I have on the main page a Feature section to spotlight a business, organization, or individual. I would love to highlight your blog and link to it, if that works for you.
    See you there,


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