Winter Wonderland

There’s not much better than escaping the city to a winter wonderland. The brilliance of a snowy landscape is awe inspiring.
Many people think of winter sports as expensive, thinking about the cost of lessons and lift tickets. Yet is plenty of frugal fun to be had in the snow.
  • Sledding – Pure fun can be had by careening down your nearest bunny hill. A great way to introduce kids to the snow.
  • Snowshoeing – Snowshoes have become pretty inexpensive (yes, if you watched The Story of Stuff, the price has been externalized). You can also find them second hand or rent gear.
  • Cross-country skiing – Swedish family friends  I stayed with would go out for a quick twenty minute ski season to get some exercise and fresh air.
  • Hot chocolate picnic – Pack up some special snacks, a thick comforter and hot drinks for a special wintertime outing. We usually plan a picnic with our snowshoeing trips.
  • Snow Angels and Snow Families – Creating in the snow can get very imaginative, and it fun to come up with special traditions around snow storms. As a kid I remember using a particular apron and always making a snow woman, sometimes a whole family.
What kind of good cheap fun does your family have in the snow?
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2 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Sustainable Family Finances

    Thermoses. One thermos for hot chocolate, one for soup. You can sip, so no need for spoons. Bring some bread and other snacks like cheese and grapes that are good cold.

    We were just at a snow park yesterday where a family hosted a little girl’s birthday with a couple of to-go Starbucks coffee boxes and some cake. I’m guessing one had hot chocolate for the kids. We went with good friends and our kids had a terrific time sledding. 3-4 years can definitely manage bunny hills, they climbed up and down countless times. We saved having soup and grilled cheese until we got back.

    Another note about kids snow clothes, try to find hand-me-downs or buy on sale and share amongst families as they grow.

    More snow stories?


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