Heartfelt holiday

Call me married with children, but my heart just doesn’t pitter patter over Valentine’s Day like it did when I was a girl. It feels like the holiday is more about consumption than companionship.
Yet, I’m not entirely anti-cupid. After all I have two cherubs and a loving Hubby. I was a bit surprised when he asked me if I wanted to go out, since I can’t recall the last time we went out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. Here are some suggestions for how to create a more heartfelt and finance-friendly holiday:
  • Homemade dinner – I’m planning Hubby’s favorite – Italian stuffed shells.
  • Chocolate chip cookies – the kids will have more fun baking cookies than with any heart-shaped box.
  • Fresh cut tulips – I love roses as much as the next girl, but paying for an overpriced bouquet doesn’t make me gush.
  • Nursery gift certificate – If a supermarket bouquet doesn’t cut it, try a gift certificate for a perennial that will have a lasting impact on your sights and senses. Daphne is one of my favorites, because it blooms so early and smells so sweet.
  • Library or used books – Share the story of St Valentine with your kids with library books or a some used books.
  • Classmate Valentines – We made simple heart-shaped cards with zigzag scissors, a fancy silver pen, and some stickers. I’d like to buy a rubber stamp or two when the kids get a little older, but in general I plan to take their lead on interest level and creativity.
  • Babysitter – We’ve been lucky to develop relationships with co-workers who want an occasional “grandma” fix. We exchange by inviting them to dinner before we head out. If you want quick privacy, hire a babysitter to take your kids to the park.
  • Birth Control – I’m very pro-family, but birth control can help you make decisions for your family planning. Following kids, I’m a fan of the Mirena IUD. No need to remember a pill daily.
How do you plan to celebrate your lovers’ day?
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One thought on “Heartfelt holiday

  1. Sara Anderson

    Tim actually bought me a potted Stargazer Lily (one of our wedding flowers) instead of cut flowers and we opted to skip gifts and do a cheap date night. We just arrived home from dinner and a movie – $42!


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