It’s my Birthday too!

Darcy and I are blessed to not only share our Birthday with each other, but we also share it with Paul McCartney. This means that on radio stations across America you will hear “You say it’s your Birthday”, to which the other replies, “Well it’s my Birthday too!”


Unless you are a twin, odds are that your Birthday is yours alone. This gives us all the opportunity to celebrate ourselves and get some love from friends and family. We loved having a summer Birthday, often overlapping with swim lessons, our favorite.

Having recently given birth to my first child, it definitely gives a different perspective around Birthdays. It makes me wonder why we don’t celebrate our moms on our Birthdays. So thanks mom, from both of us.

One of the ingenious things that our mom did was got us to buy into having a bigger party on milestone Birthdays, 7, 10, 13, 16, and 18, instead of doing something big every year. We always celebrated in some way, but this was actually a nice way to make some years more special.
Happy Birthday Sis!

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