Autumn Abundance

Happy Autumn!

While it’s hard to celebrate the season in the midst of a busy work week, I am happy to embrace autumn

It personally feels like a much more transitional time than in recent years. Our Big Guy is now in Kindergarten and Girly is quickly growing into her potty training panties. Hubby is ecstatic about the arrival of honey crisps, our family’s favorite apple. Our family calendar is already getting full, and I’m doing my best to practice simplicity parenting.

Yet, with all this abundance, I’m also feeling a bit ambivalent about my blog writing. I’m having trouble finding a financial goal that inspires me half as much as our family trip to Denmark. We are continually working to cut our family carbon footprint, but I also feel a bit of a plateau effect. I still want to reflect on my journey, but I’m feeling a bit more relaxed about the venture. Maybe it’s just a post-vacation syndrome, but I’m more inclined to crawl in bed with a good book (loving Elizabeth Gilbert’s Committed ) than turn on our laptop to check in on finances. Or better yet, enjoy the last days of sunshine, while harvesting our heirloom tomatoes.

Once I really reflect, I guess I’m feeling a bit isolated too. While I have a number of readers, blogging hasn’t created the community I’d hoped to create. I’m not sure why I ever  expected that writing into cyberspace would create deep seeded values-driven relationships. I have planted a few seeds though…;-)

I guess I just need this autumn to reflect, recharge, and refocus. 


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