Zipcar Goes Public

I happened to peek at the Wall Street Journal business section in the lunch room, and found an article about Zipcar going public on the stock market this week. 

I know this is a family finance blog, but I’m really an investment virgin. We have no stocks to our name, and I have no clue where to begin (beyond adding more money to my retirement fund). My Twin Sis is the investment chic in our family, and she once made over $50k by investing in Hansen’s soda as they came out with a new energy drink.

But the prospect of investing in Zipcar has me excited. The price will determine what we can afford to invest, but I finally feel like we have the stability to begin investing and Zipcar is a company I trust and enjoy myself. A third party study estimated that “ From a $350 million industry, the study says, it will grow to become a $3 billion industry by 2016.”  Plus, here’s   3 reasons to buy ZIP .

Just last week the Christian Science Monitor hyped all the benefits of Zipcar, and other car sharing options (notably they didn’t mention Portland’s Get Around).  

Speaking of car sharing, we are still in debate about going carless. It’s a big jump, we just can’t seem to take the leap just yet…plus it’s still not truly biking weather in Portland yet!

Would you invest in Zipcar? 

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3 thoughts on “Zipcar Goes Public

  1. Sarah Joy

    You’ve just gotten me excited about investment for the first time in… well, my adult life!!! My grandpa invested some for me when I was young and I used that for college, but this would be a first for me too!

  2. Ms. Miel

    Good call on Zip! On the first day it went from $18 to $28. It is predicted to do well, so I’d say it is good time to start trading. I recommend Sharebuilder, as it is cheap and easy.




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