Grocery Delivery – is it worth the price?

I’ve raved often of my love for Spud, for our organic grocery delivery service. So, I was dismayed to discover they are going out of business in the Portland area, effective immediately.

Ironically, this past week I had been inspired by Parent Hacks printable grocery list and started a draft of our ongoing grocery list. I had smugly colored all the items that we got regularly from Spud. Yet, before my list was even print ready, the sad news was sinking in…I’m going to be heading to the grocery store a whole lot more often again.

Naturally, they recommended two other delivery options in the Portland area – Organics to You and New Seasons

Organics to You surely has great produce, but they lack the dairy/staples that I’ve grown to love from Spud. The other problem is that Organics to You operates essentially like a CSA – there are no substitutions for orders – if you don’t like brussel sprouts you’re still stuck with them. 

New Seasons is a full service market, but they charge $10 for each delivery I love New Season’s, but the closest one is a 15 minute drive and I almost always spend more than I expect. I suspect that the $10 charge may be worth the savings on impulse spending.

Update:  New Seasons announces that they will soon stop their  grocery delivery service

The other problem is that time feels like money, and I have a feeling that I’m going to spending more of my valuable free at the grocery store…

For tomorrow, I know I’m now out of cream for my coffee…

Do have your groceries delivered?
Is it worth the price?

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One thought on “Grocery Delivery – is it worth the price?

  1. Sustainable Family Finances

    What a sad, sad day! I can hear it in your writing, and understand your dread of having to head to your local supermarket on a regular basis. I dread it for one, not to mention for a whole family. Hopefully the demand will bring someone else into business.

    In the mean time, what about putting the farmer’s market into your week schedule. It might still mean that you have to go to the grocery for some, but I imagine you can find more than you think you might be able to. You’ll be supporting your local market, eating locally, and I bet the farmers market is more fun with kids than the supermarket!

    Good luck,



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