Tax Return!

I know April 15th still seems a ways out, but we always do our taxes early since we typically get a refund. Last year I wrote about how we prefer to get a bonus tax return, rather than getting too little taken out and having to pay extra in a lump sum.  Hubby was again on top of things, and TurboTax made the process easy. 

This year our return is $3545, and we’re stoked to replenish our savings after dipping into it for our home refinance . Apparently the average refund is now $3,036, so we’re pretty much average. Perhaps it’s our child care or student loans that push us up a little.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m ready for some green tax reform. Read more about “Pay as you burn, not as you earn” in The Ecologist.

Have you done your taxes yet?

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One thought on “Tax Return!

  1. Ms. Miel

    I couldn’t agree more with greening the tax code. This would also be a great way to tie Obama’s state of the union to move towards renewable energy, along with the much needed overall of simplifying the tax process.

    I believe that if there more significant benefits to upgrades to energy home efficiency that you’d see more people buying into it. What about a tax credit just for doing an energy audit to your home? Most people who do an audit will be very likely to at the minimum fill in a few air leaks and in all likelihood be willing to take more action if they realize the savings that they would get from those improvements.

    I also agree with the way that Singapore approaches congestion and road use. There you pay for what you drive. This extends beyond just personal driving, as presumably you’d end up paying more to have your produce shipped from across the country than you would for buying locally.

    We’ll get there, we just need continued action and thinking outside the box.




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