Neti pot investment

I became “neti pot curious” a few years ago, when my Twin Sis’ friend was advised to use a neti pot for chronic sinus issues

What is Neti Pot? For those still wondering what this is, the basic explanation is that you fill with warm water with a pinch of salt, and then pour into one nostril and out the other side.  If you are stuffed up, it might take a moment to drain, but you will feel immediate relief!

Thankfully, I’ve never had really painful sinus issues, but I was perpetually plagued with an on/off snuffy nose during the winter, and allergies in the spring. I had learned to live with it, but it was an annoying nuisance. So, I took the plunge and bought a ceramic neti pot at New Season’s for about $10 (or available on Amazon) My sis has an enviable cute blue one, (it is prettier than the picture!).  I also know others who have found a cute small Asian tea pot, but it would have to be the right design.

I’m happy to say, that in the past two years, minus a couple flu bugs, I’ve been able to breath clearly all winter with regular use on my neti pot. It only takes a couple of minutes, but the small time investment always pays back. I swear employers should give out neti pots as part of health benefits 😉

Even after two years, Hubby doesn’t quite get the whole neti pot idea (oddly since lately he’s been battling a true sinus infection and refuses to try it!) For the most part I try to do it while he’s walking the dog or already in bed, but when he does “catch” dripping salt water out my nose, he can’t help but give me a funny sideways look. But I refuse to let his taunting get interfere with my health…I don’t care how funny I look!

I do plan on teaching the kids to use the neti pot once they are big enough, and hopefully it will help them stay healthy for more of the year and avoid some of the childhood bugs.

EnviroMom covered this topic a few years back, and the reader comments reminded me that I use my neti pot in the spring to clean out pollen and prevent allergies.

Before trying my neti pot, I wanted a demonstration. So, I found this fun video of a furry guy with ginormous nostrils. If nothing else, I’m pretty sure you won’t look as funny as this dude using your neti pot 🙂

PS The last ten seconds shows a non-family friendly example of what you “shouldn’t attempt at home!”

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2 thoughts on “Neti pot investment

  1. Sarah Joy

    I finally invested in one and so far I have only used it once, but now have it handy for when things get drippy! I loved your description of awkward hubby observations… when I told Julio I had tried it he said he wished he had been there to take a photo – precisely why I hadn’t told him ahead of time!!!!


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