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I shared earlier about reading the Energy of Money I’m still wrapping up my “homework,” but I can say that it’s already been eye opening to type up each and every expense for a month…even after a year of blogging about our finances, I hadn’t written out our expenses that consciously.

But it’s not the homework challenge that makes me highly recommend the Energy of Money, it’s the depth of personal reflection that it asks of you. Rather than simply asking you to dream up your financial goals in isolation, she presents questions to find your personal and professional path to match your values. I happened to read this part around the new year as we were developing our family goals, and it certainly helped to make them meaningful and well-rounded. It’s all about taking Authentic Action with your energy – monetary and otherwise.

Nemeth isn’t all warm and fuzzy though, and she asks tough questions about past money mistakes and where your finances may have felt unbalanced with your personal values and life goals. She demands that you own up to even the smallest indiscretions, as they can haunt the psyche and unconsciously drain your bank account. She talks a lot about the inherent nature of monkey mind, and how our internal chatter really guides our money decisions.

I also really appreciate her tips for creating a practice of gratitude in your life, and how your perspective influences your net worth. Speaking of net worth, Nemeth recommends that everyone calculate their net worth. Honestly I’ve resisted calculating our net worth, and I realized that it’s probably because my college loans total more than our collective savings and house equity. Nonetheless, once I’m done with my initial homework, I am going determine our net worth so that we’ll have an objective baseline to compare material progress. Like Nemeth reminded me, it’s not meant to compare anyone’s personal worth or value in the world…so my reluctance on moral grounds needs to end.

As mentioned before, Nemeth led thousands through a Money and You course before writing the Energy of Money. I really appreciated how she wove her personal life story with the anecdotal quotes of her many course participants. They were very insightful, and help her messages feel genuine not hypothetical, or heaven forbid, hypocritical. 

Lastly, the book may have been written in 1999, but it is very contemporary and readers can probably relate to some of the messages even deeper in the wake of the economic crisis. 

Have you read the Energy of Money?

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One thought on “Energy of Money Review

  1. Ms. Miel

    Thanks for sharing. I think honesty in finances are often one of the hardest issues, no matter how honest we are.

    I was first reluctant to calculate my net worth as well, and now am amazed at far I’ve come in such a short period.

    Keep up the good work. I’ll have to check out the book when I can.




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