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If there is one thing Hubby is most proud of, it’s his personal commitment to volunteer service. He served in the first group of AmeriCorps members, and even had the opportunity to meet President Clinton at the White House. AmeriCorps members are encouraged to become volunteers, and he’s taken that to heart.

We participate in a handful of projects each year, and have often organized events through our workplaces. Admittedly, since having kids we’re not always able to be the most efficient volunteers. But I figure that it’s the ethic and experience that makes a difference. And I know that the trash we’ve picked up and trees we’ve planted have been because we took time from our busy life to give back. Hubby and I both worked community events this weekend, so we’re going to save our family service for a few weekends from now when Friends of Trees will be planting in our neighborhood.

Here’s a great quick video on volunteerism and finding your special niche.

Here are the best national ways to find service opportunities:

All for Good
Do Something

Here are my favorite local places to volunteer:

Friends of Trees
Hands on Portland – search for Children’s Book Bank

Enjoy your day on!

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