Sound of Sunshine

Walking to the bus my Big Guy commented about how pitch black it is here, and I explained how it will continue to get a little darker each day until just before Christmas. He found it hard to believe that it could get any darker, and I agreed!

For many this season of darkness it’s hard to get motivated, especially with our finances.  I know personally I need to start planning for the holidays, and even though we don’t buy many gifts, I tend to be a last minute shopper. No “Black Friday” sales for me…we’ll be in the woods finding the perfect tree! But alas, I need to focus on our finances before all the holiday revelry begins. 

So instead of researching a lengthy post, I’m going to share a song that brightens this dark season. When I first heard the Sound of Sunshine on the radio, I almost felt my spirit elevate. I hope it will inspire to think about what makes you happy and how working on your finances will bring you closer to your family goals.

Sound of Sunshine  – by Michael Franti

What motivates you?

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