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Last week I was excited to have my first interview as a blogger, especially since it’s for an upcoming article in  Metro Parent magazine. The writer and I chatted on the phone for nearly an hour, and I was amazed at how quickly the time passed. I realized how reticent I am to give advice, because every family is so unique. My approach has been to simply share our story, and hope that I can relate in a way that helps you think about what actions you can take. My only true advice is just begin where you and start with small steps, don’t waste time and energy feeling like your family should be greener – either in the eco or cash department.

Naturally after my interview I continued to think about things that I could/should have said, but not in a bad way though, because it got my creative juices flowing. Then I got a chance to read an article a friend had shared with me from Family Circle. Small Change includes some great tips, since I truly agree that the best money strategies are all in your head!  I love this quote:

“The people who feel the best about money aren’t the ones who have a lot of it,” says clinical psychologist Maria Nemeth, Ph.D., author of
The Energy of Money: A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment . “What they do possess is a knowledge of how to earn and spend that reflects their deepest values.” While there are countless factors beyond your control, a few simple changes will allow you to have power over your outlook and attitude. And that’s priceless.

The article also reminds you to:

  • reflect on how your parents’ attitudes about money influence your own
  • admit your mistakes and then move on
  • play out the worst case scenario (but just once!)
  • take a gut check on your deepest desires
  • keep your goals handy with a photo of your goal in your wallet
  • take one action a week!!!

Lastly, thanks Courtney for getting me the interview and sharing your magazine!

What small changes do you take to keep your attitude positive?

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