Wealth belongs to the person who enjoys it and not the one who keeps it. -Afghan Proverb

The notion of wealth always feels a bit like a chicken and egg conundrum. I like to think of wealth as a feeling rather than a thing. I would much rather enjoy a massage than see more money in our bank account. Yet, every family needs to save in order to build wealth. 

There’s the question of timing in every personal finance decision: “If we spend now, will we have enough later?” My strategy is to have faith in the abundance of the world, not dwell on the potential scarcity. Yes, you should always question your motivation, the personal and global impacts, short and long term consequences…but in the end spending money comes down to your gut feeling. Act as if you’re wealthy, and chances are you’ll feel wealthy.    

What do you think makes a person or family wealthy?

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2 thoughts on “Wealth

  1. Anonymous

    if you prefer to spend your money, what happens when you need something for later…like a medical bill or your childrens education?

  2. Sustainable Family Finances

    I should have mentioned that I believe everyone should make building an emergency fund a financial priority. Even though we don’t live an extravagant lifestyle, I’ve always questioned the benefit of hoarding wealth.

    Since wealth is so subjective, I’m just curious about at what point someone feels wealthy.

    Thanks for your comment!


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