Closet Time

As promised last week, I spent some quality time simplifying a small corner of my life.  With the changing season I decided to start with my own closet, since it tends to get done last. ..I only had two hours to dedicate, but it felt good to tackle it.

The task wasn’t exactly enlightening, but I set the mood by blaring some Brett Dennen. Then I c reated two bags, one for consignment and one for Goodwill donation. Everything seasonal was co nsolidated to fit in one big bin.  Alas, my closet still doesn’t look like this, but it is significantly better.

On an ongoing basis my best green closet practices is to limit dry cleaning, and I’ve been using these easy tips for washing “dry clean only” items. Washing and ironing at home certainly saves us each month!

Here are some green storage tips I found for preventing moths and mildew. Thankfully we don’t have many moths in the NW, but once my Twin Sis lost half her closet to mildew in a cramped, cool, and dimly lit apartment closet! Now that was a huge waste of money 🙁

How do you create a greener closet?

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