School Choice

This is the first week of school for many. I know that all the advertisers want you to believe that it’s about shopping, but it’s really about engaging your child in a lifelong love of learning.  Yet, finding the right school is often easier in theory than practice. 
Since our kiddos are in the Wobbler and O.P. (Older Preschool) classrooms, my musings are more hypothetical. Next year will be our first big lesson in school choice. Unfortunately, our local elementary doesn’t have the best reputation, so I’m still not sure whether we will try it out.

I can hardly wait for our final child care “tuition” payments, so it’s hard to imagine paying for elementary school. 

Here are few articles that are helping shape my choice:
Finding a Great School
Public vs. Private
My Million Dolloar Question

Do you kids attend public or private school?
Is private school really worth the price?

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