Kitchen Kibitzing

My kitchen often feels like a personal temple. It’s where I can pour glass of wine and pray that  dinner will made before my family throws a hunger strike. My kitchen is where we exchange our daily stories. It’s where I reflect on my day or plan for the next as I try to maintain chaordic balance

Tools for the task at hand are critical, and Hubby’s Mama is famous for her “magic sponge.”   Probably just out of habit, I’ve always used a unnaturally bright blue sponge/scrubby. Lately I’ve been trying out some more natural alternatives:

  • Twist’s natural loofah sponge – it’s plant based and totally compostable.
  • Twist’s euro sponge cloth – it’s like a sponge the size of a paper towel, you can reuse it about a thousand times instead of just once.
  • TJ’s natural pop-up sponge – small and simple, but does a great job cleaning
  • OXO soap squirting brush – couldn’t find any eco-features about this one, but I think it does cut down on the water needed for scrubbing down high-chair trays and pots
  • Plastic scrapper – I remember being skeptical when I first came across one at a kitchen store checkout “what are they trying to sell now?!” – but these are indispensable for removing food scraps (into your compost or worm bin, of course!)
These trusty tools can really help you save water and reduce landfill waste for a minimal “investment.” Plus, each time you use them you’ll be reminded that you are living your values! 

For Portlanders, I  bought the Twist products at Portland’s new  One Stop Sustainability Shop. I also stocked up my one of my all-time favorites, Dr. Bronner’s castile soap. Here is a great recipe  for making your own  dishwashing liquid .

Lastly, I’ve been loving an easy kitchen counter cleaner that I made myself! Find some terrific and easy recipes “Never Pay for Household Cleaner Again!

What are your favorite green kitchen cleaning tools?

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