Green Police

Have you been accused of being the so-called Green Police in your family?

In our household college football reigns on high, so the Super Bowl is seen as purely superficial and watched mostly for the entertaining commercials. Apparently this year they were even more sexist than usual, but I was glad that Hubby called me in to watch this one with the “Green Police.” If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s absolutely hilarious. I’ve fantasized about the potential of green police, and love the part about the compost infraction.

I’m sure that Audi’s Green Police is thrilled with the buzz it’s created, there are several more videos you can check out about how you only need one napkin per sandwich/burrito/hoggie or anteater that sniffs out environmental contraband. I’d be interested to hear some of the conversations that it’s sparked amongst the football watching crowd.

I try not to be eco-preachy with my family, and just lead by example. But I did find it intriguing that extended family members have told me that my face pops into their mind whenever they don’t/can’t recycle something, like some green guardian angel.

Do you think societal pressure plays into people’s decisions about whether or not to take green actions?

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2 thoughts on “Green Police

  1. David

    Not gonna lie, I absolutely hate that ad. It’s meant to be funny, but in reality we do have people in Congress trying to dictate what light we can legally use in our own homes.

    I guess you would have to say I oppose the green police!

  2. Sustainable Family Finances

    The Audi Web page does talk about the fact that there are several countries that actually do have official green police.

    I really would rather use a carrot than a stick too. I’m all for any policy that makes choosing the greener option easier and more affordable.


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