Inspiration from the Universe

Inspiration can come in all forms, but if you gain nothing more from following this blog: when you get inspiration from the universe, take action!

A few months ago I was talking with my twin sister one Saturday morning when Hubby and BigGuy were out running errands and I was left with a napping Girly and mounds of laundry. I was lamenting to her about how much our children’s new childcare center is costing us (nearly $2k a month!) and how hard it is to make the time to manage our finances. I went on telling her about how I feel like we really need to focus on making sure that our spending reflects our family’s values and maximizes our children’s growth, both now and in the future. And how certain I am that we’re not the only family out there trying to balance it all.

My sister’s response was seemingly simple, yet a slightly intimidating suggestion: “You need to start a blog!” At first I was skeptical. How could an income-generating mother of two young children could add writing a blog to her to-do list? When she told me how much her DINKs Finance blog earns…nearly the price of our childcare tab…I realized that she might be on to something. This might be what my father-in-law loves to call a “twofer”: get my finances together and earn our family extra income. Plus, anyone who knows me, knows that I love writing and researching, and gabbing with anyone in earshot.

Once I got off the phone, I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea. And by my son’s nap time I had jotted down a list of over forty topics that I could easily write about, some repeatedly. Yet, over the past few months I’ve had my doubts and wondered whether I committed to this idea before my coffee had really kicked in and if I was really up for such a public challenge.

I know myself though, and family finances in itself doesn’t truly get my creative juices flowing. Part of the reason I’ve never been overly focused on my finances is because I’m so concerned about environmental issues and how to recreate society (or at least my community!) to deal with climate change, for starters. So, I need this blog to also share my struggle to live a more sustainable life.

I want to write this blog because I believe that I’m not alone in my quest to find balance for my family. I want a forum where I can start to make sense of my own life’s paradoxes. I want to be able to share with others, both whom I’m connected to locally and also virtually. At times, I’m expecting to ask for your help…and I hope I will get it. At times I hope I can be your source of inspiration, like my sister was/is for me.

I also want to give my sis extra kudos, because while I will be the blog author, she has agreed to be my partner and will be working behind the scenes to help make this the successful financial venture that I hope it will become! Thanks sis!

I hope that you will follow me on this journey, share with your friends and family, and together we will be able to create sustainable family finances. And, again, even when it takes courage or work, or both: take action!

Sustainable Family Finances 
This blog is the story of a family creating an abundant and sustainable life.

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