How To Pay Remote Freelancers Even in Times of Political Tension

Recent geopolitical tensions have divided countries — sanctions have been placed on payment systems, making it difficult (and even impossible) to make international money transfers. So, millions of freelancers and their employers, residing in different countries, were forced to break off cooperation. However, there are no hopeless situations, and easystaff has become a great solution.

How Does It Work?

The procedure for making payments is quite simple. To pay a freelancer's fee, you need to fund your EasyStaff account and create payment requests. Next, Easystaff transfers the amount to the freelancer according to the data specified in the application. You just have to draw up a payment schedule once and indicate the recommended payment amounts; this will ensure that employees don’t receive late wage payments. The system will strictly adhere to the instructions in the future. 

Easystaff charges a low commission for payments. Therefore, an employer who wants to pay a remote specialist for the work performed must add the commission indicated to the job's cost in their personal account. There is no fee for permanent use of the site, so it is perfect for both one-time payments and multiple services.

Prompt & Timely Payments

Using Easystaff tools, you can schedule payments, and money is distributed automatically based on predetermined deadlines. This way, remote freelancers will always receive their money on time. So, EasyStaff will help you develop a trusting relationship with your freelancers and employers.

Mind Your Job, Don't Study Paperwork

Easystaff handles all contract executions and reports; it all happens automatically, so your employees don’t have to spend any extra time or resources on it. All transfers are legal and do not violate laws. The tax status of freelancers and employers doesn't matter when making calculations with Easystaff. It means that taxes are not deducted from payments. Payments are fast and problem-free.

Easystaff: Discover All The Benefits

EasyStaff is beneficial for all participants:

  • All payments made through the service are legal;
  • Financial transactions are possible with an electronic wallet, while the operation can be carried out in any country;
  • Thanks to process automation, companies can save time and money. There is no need to conclude a formal agreement with the contractor separately or issue special closing reports after completing the work;
  • The company will not need to pay taxes. The company does not have a tax business relationship with a remote employee. Instead, it pays a certain amount to Easystaff,  transferring all the necessary fees to hired specialists;
  • Freelancers get paid very quickly, within seconds.

So, fortunately, regardless of the remote freelancers' residence country, companies can always pay for their work on time. Easystaff’s mass payout service is the best solution for your business and work, and it is ready to open new opportunities for you!