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Lately I’ve been taking a moment here and there to save some trees and reduce my finance clutter. I’ve wanted to “go paperless” for years, and until recently it felt like wishful thinking. But suddenly everyone seems to be pitching paperlessCostco AmericanExpress, One PacificCoast Bank, Regence BlueCross, our family doctor and my City of Portland water/sewer bill.

The New Ecologist shares more about how the new economy has given companies the extra push to go paperless. Companies like PayItGreen are leading the way to a paperless future, and in my mind none too soon.

Paperless billing and workflow all hit a top ten technology trend list for 2010Here are some great tips for making sure that paperless billing goes smoothly: like keeping all your passwords!  Good thing I try to stay organized with GoogleDocs 😉

How many paperless bills do you have?

Sustainable Family Finances 
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  1. Anonymous

    we’ve been about 90% paperless for a couple years. and we’ve automated most of our bill pay about two years ago too, which has provided a lot more free time during the month! However, this second action really is possible because we know our fixed and unfix discretionary and nondiscretionary spending. if we didn’t it would be a challenge. We’ve also moved the due date of a couple bills so they come out of our account at appropriate times during the month.

    Thanks for the blog! Stacy


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